Title //>>
Media Video / text
Duration 6,45 min

//>> is a video consisting of a combination of data where parallel processes and multiple layers, inside and outside the work, share and recreates the course of events and perception. Different layers of places and spaces contained within the same timet is transmitted in the moment and creates a new, third space.

//>> was shown in January 2013 during K.R.O.P.P., curated by SU-EN, at UKK, Uppsala,Sweden.
The work was created within Fast Forward – a dramaturgy and dance laboratory in Skopje, Macedonia, October 2011, and the soundscape involves all the participants: Anna Asplind, Ingrid Cogne, Cicilia af Dalmatinerhjärta, Ivana Dragsic, Alexandar Georgiev, Milka Ivanovska, Ivana Ivkovic, Igor Koruga, Zhana Pencheva, Predrag Ristic and Dragana Zarevska.