half circle with both forearms from the right upwards to the left place left foot on the ground weight on the left foot turn in the right foot parallel position with the feet left foot in front on a diagonal arms down turn out the right foot lift the heal of the ground look to the right right heal on the ground weight on the right leg turn out the left foot weight on left ball of the foot turn in the right foot weight on left heal weight on right foot weight back point toes on the left foot left arm slightly lifted to the side right hand scopes up palm facing upwards right foot pushes up to ball of the foot balance on both feet vertical wave with the right arm to the front down to the back down and in front weight down on the right foot bend the right leg weight forward bend the left leg half circle with the right arm in front of the body place the right hand above the left hand on the left side of the body small pause right arm circles back clockwise step behind the left leg with the right foot turn three hundred and sixty degrees left foot stays on the ground in the turn right arm circles along the right side of the body look diagonally down to the right wait until the right arm stops circling walk to the right to the opening of the circle stop in the opening stand still facing the windows look out braid the hair all the way down leave the arms behind the head elbows up hands on the shoulder blades bend forward with legs bent unfold the arms fold the arms while coming up to a straight position look down unfold the arms above the head to the sides left arm slightly before and faster the right arm scopes down with the palm facing downwards wave with the arms starting with the right hand going from the right side down to the left side left arm joins the wave both arms down knees bounce bend the knees arms down in front stretch the legs stretch the body bring the shoulders up drop the left shoulder down unfold the turned in right arm to the right side leading the weight of the upper body to the right palm of the right hand facing out finger tips down keep the same position move the right hand and arm to the back ninety degrees look back bend forward bend legs weight in the left hand upper side of the right hand touches the lower back and strokes the body from the back to the side arms down in front of the body both legs bent rest the forearms on the thighs palms up push away with the arms stretch the arms forward in a wave come back to previous position with weight of forearms on the thighs push away and turn in the left hand straightening the left elbow left shoulder circles back stretch both legs left hand leads diagonally forward to the right bend knees right arm stretches out to a parallel position to the left arm full circle counterclockwise in front of the body with straight arms use the knees and hips as counterpoint come to an upright position circle only by shifting the weight between the feet pause walk out of the circle to the right behind the audience leave the space

rebecca-chentinell_not-applicable_foto-nadja-voorham img_0445

Choreographer/dancer Rebecca Chentinell
Choreologist Alison Sandgren
Photographer Nadja Voorham
Sound/music, M.I.A
Duration 7 min

not applicable was shown at festival:display at the Royal Swedish Opera, Stockholm, September 2015.

Supported by Danscentrum Stockholm, MDT and ArtEZ Institute of the Arts



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