Photo: Adam Appel


Title 1:1-1:2
Media Performance
Duration 4 hours

1:1–1:2 was a two-part four hours durational work created specifically for the Moderna Museet and festival:display. The piece explored the position of dance and choreography within the specific art context as well as visibility and free will in relation to occupation of space and time, where the participating dancers shifted from the being the art, the artist and the spectator.

1:1-1:2 was shown in April 2011 during festival:display at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Sweden. The work was realized in close collaboration with light and set designers Daniel Andersson (SUTODA) and Erika Magnusson and the dancers Ludde Hagberg, Josefin Larson Olin, Anna Suatan, Andrea Svensson and Dragana Zarevska.

Supported by The Swedish Arts Council.

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