Rebecca Chentinell
 [1986] is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and works with dance and choreography. She is educated at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and the research-based master programme at ArtEZ Univerity of the Arts, the Netherlands.

Chentinell’s artistic practice referes to an expanded notion of choreography and explores alternative ways to work with, produce and present dance and choreography; as a dancer, choreographer and curator. Chentinell is interested in the specificity of dance and choreography as art forms, perspectives and characteristics which she wants to emphasis and use as resistance in her work, and aim to situate dance and choreography in the contemporary art context.

Chentinell is part of the thing and one of the founders of Diggapony Collaborations. Since 2012 she runs the platform Koreografiska Konstitutet together with Marie Fahlin, through which they organize and curate festival:display and publish Koreografisk Journal. Chentinell is also vice chairman of the reference board for dance and choreography at the Swedish Arts Council.