Rebecca Chentinell [1986] is educated at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and the research-based master program at ArtEZ University of the Arts, the Netherlands. She lives in Gnesta but is based in Stockholm and works as a choreographer, dancer, curator and editor.

Chentinell’s artistic practice refers to an expanded notion of choreography and explores alternative ways to work with, produce and present dance and choreography. Her work has been shown at Kummelholmen, Weld, Färgfabriken and Inter Arts Center, among others, and through Koreografiska Konstitutet she has curated programs and festivals at the Royal Swedish Opera, Moderna Museet and Bonniers Konsthall. Together with Marie Fahlin, she runs Koreografiska Konstitutet and publishes Koreografisk Journal.

Other working experience in the field include engagements as chairmen of Danscentrum Stockholm, board member of Dansalliansen and vice chairman of the reference board for dance and choreography at the Swedish Arts Council.

Chentinell is currently a studio grant holder at Iaspis / The International Dance Program in collaboration with Félicia Atkinson, an interdisciplinary exchange that interweaves movement, sound and text in an exploratory research of proximity and being together, in each others artistic practices and between the artwork and the audience, in a time of distancing.

She also works with an ongoing curatorial project together with Rickard Borgström, which with the body as an interface examines dance and choreography’s interrelationships with visual art and its contexts, in the nearest future in collaboration with Färgfabriken.