Photo: Dragana Zarevska

Kiddo Dragana

Title The Kiddo Performance
Media Performance
Duration 30 min

The Kiddo Performance deals with the treatment of a stage performance as a piece with its own integrity and instincts, with its own life and memories.

The Kiddo Performance was the first phase of the lifetime-project, Kiddo Performance – A Lifetime, rewinding time and “shrinking” a piece to be able to dig into its childhood. The project is about moving mommas, parenting a non-human, treating memories as test dummies, and searching for the basic instincts and independence of a dance piece. By using the Giorgio Agamben’s idea of miniaturization, we aim to rewind time and to find out how a grown up piece ended up as it did.

Kiddo Performance was realized through the Wildcard residency awarded by Cullberg Ballet, the Swedish partner of Jardin d’Europe, at Trafó in Budapest (Hungary) and organized by the local partner Workshop Foundation. Kiddo Performance was shown in July 2011 at MU Theater, Budapest, Hungary.

Supported by The Swedish Grants Arts Committee.