How to work within the arts, with dance and choreography, without adding to the neoliberal value system of today? Is it possible to propose something other, rather then opposition or resistance? Something not yet defined that doesn’t function in the current system and market. Something that can survive and have enough energy and agency, being a living evidence of the impact of the current system but at the same time embody the potentiality to transform it.

The construction of the presentation was based on some of the methods and tools I have been working with artistically through my research, using different means (such as prerecorded text and movement material in earphones) to displace the appearence or perception of the choreography and make visible the mediation and constant dialogue that is in play when choreography takes place.

The research presentation was shared and recorded 22nd of January 2016 in studio 5 at ArtEZ University of the Arts, the Netherlands.